Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Shared  from Facebook by younger son, Kent,

Her younger son, Kent, commented on Facebook, "She was stationed in Washington, DC and translated top secret documents between the Pentagon and the Canadian Air Force. After the war ended she and a friend hitch hiked all over the US, staying in YWCAs with never a problem."
subsequently he added,
"My mother died today. She was a decent, generous person. Passionate about social justice and unyielding in her belief we should talk through differences. She donated to many, many charities and wrote letters on behalf of Amnesty International. She wrote to politicians.....

"She loved horses and in the 60s, gave up smoking, so she could afford to buy one. She was an accomplished photographer and at one point in my childhood, I had to walk through a dark room (for her photography) to get from my bedroom to the rest of the house.
"Mother joined the Canadian Air Force in 1941 and was a corporal, stationed in Washington DC where she translated top secret documents passed between the Pentagon (she still has her pass) and the Canadian military. The military taught her to smoke and to drink (never with boys, she says) and to stand in line. I suspect her brothers taught her to swear. One story she loved to tell was when a rather pompous American Captain arrived and wouldn't hand over a document as she was just a Corporal.  'I need to give this to the Captain,' he said. She got her Captain, and when he arrived and took possession of the document, he handed it right over and said, 'Decode this corporal.'"
Vera Ellaschuk continued in the air force and helped her nieces become educated back home.
One pleasant visitation included the movie, "Rhapsody in Blue," below:

Vera helped many relatives and friends but built her own life. She married and raised her family in B.C. Her son, Kent, continued,
 "This last ten years, she has lived near me in Victoria, (B.C.)  She was independent through all her life, even to the very end. We played crib, every week and of the last nine games we played, she took seven and even skunked me on one.... (Sundays they shared dinner)
"Sadly, last Friday, she had a gall bladder attack...." An operation ensued. She recovered well looking forward to going home but died of a stroke Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014.
Her first child, Lorne, the older of her two children, has written many things. His shall be the final comment in this posting from an email, "A pretty dreary Christmas and New Year's here, but I expect it will get a bit better with time."

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