Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Camps for Some Saskatchewan Pioneers

A Matter of Survival
 A "Saskatchewan Weather Video" from You Tube by Joshua Zorn
Thanks to JOSHUA ZORN!

Thankfully you wake up! So cold your hair and bedclothes are frozen to the walls of the log cabin you built last summer. Beds were moved from walls.  Dad stoked the fire with wood for heat. It was  a survival of the fittest!
Living on the "bald" prairie was just about impossible in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  People did what they had to do to survive. They would move for the winter to the wooded hills or Moose Mountains north of Manor, Carlyle, Arcola, Kisbey or from other places south of what are called mountains. They moved to communal areas in those hills where there was plenty of wood from trees for heat and cooking and a source of water from sloughs. They moved to be near one another for sociability. Called Winter Camps apparently there are several north of Arcola named, "Hog's Hollow,"  "Bennett Lake," and "Cann Lake."
Then up the Hamilton road about eight miles (six kilometers) south of the Moose Mountain Provincial Park  (MMPP) is "Kippen Lake" named for the Kippen Family.  Hoppertown Lake is privately owned with a church now a home on the property. Lots of changes.

Workers at  Hazzard Lake Winter Camp cut through the bush on the west side of Kenosee Lake while cutting of the Christopher Trail happened on the east side of Kenosee by the Frith and Christopher families joining in the middle to produce the Christopher Trail still today in 2015.  There were two Fire Towers a long time ago in the park. Now there is only one.

There were hardships living on the prairies of Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada but much has changed with heat by coal, oil, electricity and now gas all over the southeast. Prairie folk can now live in their cottages/homes all year long! No more need for "WINTER CAMPS" unless one wants to have the coolness of bush  and sloughs (pools of water) to swim around!



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