Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Banff Trip July 17, 18 and 19, 2014 THANKS AND GRATITUDE EXPRESSED

Just returned home from a fantastic trip with family and friends. Found out I'm NOT really tough BUT I did surprise myself as I attended two rodeo dances on my way home! How did I pull that off? Well, Kennedy Rodeo Dance was on the road home - I had one dance at that dance- then I drove to Manor and had about two dances at that dance.
Had a wonderful trip to Alberta thanks to Barbara Kershaw and... her family. She organized the whole trip several months ago. 
It was a camping trip for Scott, Barbara Jane and their three year old son, Jack but the other adults "made do" in wonderful digs.  Showing the beautiful spot later. 

 Thank you to all involved for the wonderful plane ride with Air Canada and the return with West Jet. Luckily sat with Amber and got help with the wheel chair that was used to keep me up with the crowd. The dear lassie Mandy, and gentleman, Bruce, really helped us to get to our plane rides home at Calgary Airport. I WAS going to phone friends in Calgary but it never happened. I was kept hopping to get all aboard each conveyance. The bus ride - except for the few bumps - to and from Banff was very scenic. It was a surprisingly fun trip.  Fabulous!


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